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This tea is named after the village where its grows in Zhejiang province. The best grade is made from one new bud and one new leaf, which are pressed flat and dried. The next grade, Queshe Longjing (Sparrow’s tongue), is made with a bud and two new leaves   which open during brewing to look like a bird’s beak and tongue. The teas are famous for their beautiful green colour, elegant shape, smooth flavour and fine aroma.


The buds point upwards while brewing and release a clear, light yellowy-green colour. The clean well-balanced aroma suggest freshly cut grass and toasted chestnuts. The flavour is mellow with a bittersweetsavory finish.

Brewing Tips

Brew 3g. in 200 ml . Water at 82ºC for 2-3 minutes. Strain and add more water for more infusions.

Tea Classified, Jane Pettigrew & Bruce Richardson


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