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Bolivia is not widely known for its teas but local farmers are today making black, gree and jasmine teas that are being distributed in the US by Simpsom & Vail in Connecticut. Bolivian tea cultivation began in Larecaja province of the Department of La Paz in the late 1930s when German and Dutch companies established plantations and hand-crafted processing in an area that offered ideal conditions in terms of altitud, climate, rainfall and soil conditions. In 1976, an agreement  between the goverment of Bolivia and Taiwan led to increased plantating and the constrution of tree factories in Caranavi, Chimate and Chapare and support for these operations continued until 1985. By 1993, the factory in Chimate had closed down  due to changes in administration and lack of funding but was privatized in 1996 and continued its operations until the end of 2001 when it closed again. Then, in May 2005, with pressure from the tea farmers and demands for economic and social development, funding was obtained from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the company EMpresa Boliviana de Tés Especiales – ChaiMate SA- was established to revive the industries .

Bushes were rehabilitated, green tea production lines installed, farmer field schols established, organic certification obtained, tea nurseries constructed and areas under cultivation expanded. Today , more than 200 farming families are benefiting from the revival of tea production with many other people working in the industry also enjoying increased earnings and higher standars of living. ChaiMate ‘chief sponsor is Fundacion Tropico Humedo, a non-profit body that supports the the  agricultural and technological developmente of the tropical forest of Bolivia, and the aims of the company are to increase sustainable human, social and economic development in the area through the manufacture of high grown, organic, speciality black, greens and jasmine teas. The teas avaible are whole leaf and broken orthodox blacks steamed greens and jasmine greens scented with blossoms gathered from bushes tht were established in the 1970s with help from the Taimanese.

Bolivian Organic Green Jasmine

character: attractive, olive-green leaves give a bright greeny-yellow liquor, powerful jasmine aroma and wonderful perfumed jasmine taste.

Brewing tips; Brew 2.5-3gr in 200ml of water at 80ºC for 2 minutes.

Bolivian Organic Green

character: Unusually long, olive green leaves give a pale blue green liquor that has a soft herbal aroma and a clean, smooth, sweet taste rather like a good japanese green.

brewing’tips: brew 2,5gr in 200ml of water at 80ºC for 3 minutes.

Bolivian Organic Large Leaf Black

character: beautiful, wiry, long black leaves yied a bright amber liquor taht has a fresh, floral aroma and a full-bodied, fruity taste with lingering hints of apricot and peach.

brewing’s tips: brew 2,5gr. in 200 ml of  boiling  water for 3-4 minutes.


fuente:  Tea classified, JANE PETIGRERW & BRUCE RICHARDSON

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